Thursday, December 9, 2010

Surgery today...YEAH!!!!!

The day has come.  It is finally here.  I have waited so long and now I am excited to get it done.  Hardly slept.  Like the old days when I had to get up early for a flight and had dreams all night that I missed it.  I kept waking up fearing i would swig some water and they would cancel surgery.  I have feared for weeks I would get a cold and they would cancel surgery.  I have planned this so well.  Got through the busiest fall of my adult life; school tours for Ruby, all those days at the coop (loved every minute of course!), 12 year anniversary at work, Ruby's bday, Tday etc, etc etc, now it is time to get this done and spend some time focusing on healing.
   It is now almost 5:30 in the morning.  I have been up and in the shower since 4:30.  Kissed my mom who has not slept and is more excited than me to see this getting done, though I think it is always hard for a mother to send off a daughter to surgery. She has been trying to throw me under the knife and get this done for years.  It is here mom!
   I just finished some yoga breathing and stretching to get the day started and my lungs working.  I am prepped, I am set, and here we go.  I'll post on the flip side ya'all.

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  1. Did the surgery went well? Are you feeling okay right now?

    Tim @ depuy asr recall