Saturday, December 11, 2010

Home from the hospital

well, I am home.  Just couldn't stay in another day.  It is now Sat. night, and I am glad to be here.  The surgery went well, but surgery is never fun.  I was very out of it and nauseous the first day, second day much better but I had to get a blood transfusion. (of my own blood thank goodness) but that hurt and took about 3 hours.   Some of my amazing best friends came to visit, Jill and Weezy, spent time with me and brought me movies and magazines.  I got up and walked the day of surgery which i found miraculous.  Walked more yesterday and today.  All my IVs etc were all out today and I thought, Why not go home?
     The kids are challenging, but they are getting it.  I think it will get easier.   Ruby is so about pushing all boundaries that I think this will be a tough one for her, but when I feel better, it will be so worth it.
  I have had so much love and support going into this surgery, and I just feel like i can heal and get stronger.  I look forward to updating this blog as I get back to my physical stuff to see how that goes.  Right now I am very sore, very stiff and weak.  But, not in much hip pain.
   All my best to you all and happy holidays.  See you soon.....


  1. Oh Val, thank you so much for sharing this. What an experience! You hadme crying from the get go. From a partner in chronic pain, you really know how to inspire and find the good in all. Though I am still looking for the good in mine..

    So glad that surgery went well, I was praying for you throughout the day.. And still. Please don't hesitate to send the girls over here for a few hours to give your mom a break!

    Beautifully written. You have always been an inspiration to me! Love you xxoo

  2. welcome home Val, thank you for sharing this. Truly inspiring.

  3. Hi Val, glad to hear your surgury went well. You're always an inspiration to me and I tell my patients your story when I try to get them to Bikram's Yoga. Take care and looking forward to seeing you back in the studio.

    Mike Y.

  4. Hey Val I have always loved you as a person but I love you even more hearing your story. You are Beautiful Women and have inspired me so much Thank you. Can't wait to here more.

    Happy Healing,

  5. Thanks for taking the time to do this blog. I've always heard bits and pieces of your story, but its very powerful and inspiring to get the whole picture. Great news that the surgery went smoothly and you are already home! See you soon. miranda

  6. Val, I had no idea. I am right down the street! Send the kids over and my kids and I will exhaust them. -Jane