Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Move that body, and respect that it takes time....

Wow!  It has been over a month since my last posting.  There were two crazy events in my life that happened during this healing time that i will come back to in a minute.  Let me just mention, that this part of the blog will now focus on the physical aspect of coming back to yoga and life for that matter.    Working with my body in its new state and all the elements that are encompassed within that.
    Let me start by saying i had my 6 week appointment last week.  It was a true milestone.  Even though i was dying to move and strengthen my body, i was strictly told to not!  Now that i am here, i was at physical therapy the next day with Kevin at CATZ in Pasadena.  He has had both hips done by the same surgeon, and he worked with me 6 months before the surgery, so i felt great in his care.  We got moving right away that first day.  His intuition and knowledge are amazing and while we did not overdo it, we did quite a lot! 
   I still feel so far from truely functional.  There is so much more than my hip that need to rccover from this surgery.  The other biggie is my back.  My back has been getting so bad over the last year that my hip replacement really wasn't even a choice anymore.  There are many ranges of motion i still can't do even though my hip is starting to let me. (tie my shoe, cuff my pants, pick up something from the floor to the right of my foot)  My back is just tight and mad and does not want to let go.  I can not wait to get back in that yoga room, but i have much healing to do first.
    The amazing thing was working hard left my thighs sore the next day, but my hip felt fine.  No inflammation that sends me unwillingly to the medicine cabinet to take Alleve.  I CAN WORK OUT AND NOT PAY FOR IT WITH AN INFLAMMED AND PAINFUL JOINT!  Very cool.
    I went to my second appoinment on Mon and was reminded I still need to take it easy.  Did too much and having a hard time today.  My whole I-T band down to my knee are annoyed with me and i am walking quite crooked.   It feels so good to be on the road to function.  I relish it.  I love it.  I am trying to be present and be grateful for where I am, but I find excitement in the possiblilites of what can come 3 to 6 months from now. 
    This next section may be a bit dry, but i hope it will provide information and education for people undergoing this kind of procedure in the future.  These two crazy incidents i want to tell you about have to wait.  I am out of time.  All my best