Wednesday, December 15, 2010

P.T., my scar and next summers bikini???

    I wrote this great thread of a post yesterday about drug use and abuse when you have pain...but I hit the wrong button and it was all gone.  So, I'll just see where this one goes.
      I am feeling better each day.  The physical therapist came to my house yesterday which was great as I love to do anything that moves my body.  I was doing most of it already (from the handout at the hospital) but it was reassuring to know I was doing what I was suppose to and it wasn't too much.  She also told me how beautiful my incision looked, (clearly, any accolades are working for me) and she measured it at 4.5 inches.  (some of you wanted to know.)
   It is quite ugly to me, but solved such a major problem that I am growing to love it.  A few inches away on the side of my leg is my scar from where they operated on me at 13 and 15 (yep, used the same scar), so it feels like a bit of a battleground on that side.  Funny thing is, the scar has never bothered me.  It is pretty obvious in a swim suit, but I have never paid it much attention.  My new scar seems to eliminate the bikini category of swim wear, but I gotta tell you, bikinis have not been working for me since baby #2.  I have veered more towards boy short styles (or 40s brief style bottoms when I can find them) so luckily my fashion desires are in line with my body reality.  There are no staples to remove and it is healing really nicely.  The dressing was so cool and waterproof (I could shower with it).  The P.T. told me they are new in the last few months.  All the reasons I waited and put off this surgery have really worked out.  I agree with one fancy Westside doctor who said that waiting for newer technologies is not a reason to put off joint replacement surgery.
  My hip hates to sit like this, so I must sign off.  See you all soon....

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