Monday, December 13, 2010

Home, healing and bored....

     Today is Monday Dec 13th.  My mom took the kids to school, and Sean is off to work.  I am happy to have a little peace and quiet.  Thanks for all the comments from my last post.  I write a lot of this for my own process and to move on from so much pain and frustration, but I think we often help and inspire other people when we speak truthfully from the heart.  My dad emailed me today and he even liked my blog.  (I thought he might have thought it a bit babbling, but he even read the whole thing.  Dad and i share The impatient gene, I don't know the exact number, but research may help discover and treat it some day....)
    Here are the facts.  I am Ok, but not great.  I am still stiff, sore and generally not all that comfortable.  most of the top of my right leg is very sore.  I don't have a lot of joint pain, but my original pain spot, right in the front of my joint, is still sore.  It isn't great if I sit too long, walk too much or sit in a normal chair.  I just keep trying to find the balance and allow healing to happen.
  Everyone just wants to tell me how easy it is and how quick.  Yes, but when you are just sitting around, letting your incredible mother and husband wait on you, it seems like it will be a long time till i have myself back.  I am not trying to wine or complain, but this is still not easy.  I had surgery only 5 days ago, it really is such a miracle.  But, when you are young and active, your mind just says, "ok, that is enough rest, i am ready to have my life back."  Your body contradicts your mind and says' 'scuse me, you inpatient bitch, but I will heal on my own time, and like it or not, you need to take it easy, let others do most things for you and your kids and sit around and get better."  Shit, the body rules on this one!
     I am doing all the light exercizes they have recommended and supposedly a physical therapist is coming to do more, but i like to remind them that I can just do yoga and all will be right with my world.
    To conclude, I am doing pretty well, but bored and on drugs that give me a headache and take away my appetite.  (YOu know when you feel like you are one stomach flu away from your perfect weight...well....another positve!!!!)  All my best to you all, and be safe out there during the holidays
Peace out!


  1. Val,

    I have enjoyed reading every word of your blog. Your honesty and yet the hope that resonates from your story is refreshing.

    Thank you for being raw with us.
    I look forward to seeing and hearing more about your healing process.

    May peace be with you this day!

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  3. Hi Val,
    Glad to know that you are doing pretty well. Hope to see you soon at the studio!

    PS: The excel data stuff was from me. No idea how that came up!!

  4. Glad you are home, conscious and resting. Lots of time to catch up on video viewing! and wrapping presents! You did it! Miss your yoga class digressions. ox Rima

  5. Hi Val,

    Your body will tell you "when". : )